The Commissioning Process

The process can take a number of forms, but will typically start with a telephone or email conversation (links to contact) with Chris exploring what you are looking for.

Ideally a meeting will follow this, for a more in depth conversation and to visualise initial ideas.  If a meeting is not possible, then this can also be done via email.  Sometimes, this is enough and a quote for the commission or re-modelling can be given as a result.  If not, Chris can prepare sketches of alternative ideas based around your requirements and budget, from which you can choose.

He can obtain all types of gemstone and can also get diamonds for you to look at before you go ahead with the work.

When the commission or re-modelling is finalised and the cost agreed, Chris will then ask you to commit yourself by paying a deposit.  This will be at his discretion, non-returnable, and related to the overall cost of the commission.

Chris will then make the piece for you and the final payment can be made.  The cost quoted will not change.

The time the process takes from beginning to end is difficult to define and depends on the complexity of the commission, but Chris will discuss this with you as things take shape.  However, to give you an idea, he does like to have 3 – 4 weeks for the complete process, but will always be flexible.